Dental Coverage Plans & Options

Our Tufts Medicare Preferred members have access to embedded and buy up dental options depending on your plan. If you've already got the coverage you need, you can use our Dentist Search tool to find a provider in your area.

Find a Dentist

HMO Dental Plans & Options

Our HMO plans include embedded dental coverage and/or optional buy-up options. Use the links below to review the dental plan coverage options available to you.

2024 HMO Dental Options

PPO Dental Plan

New to 2024 for our Tufts Medicare Preferred Access (PPO) plan members is the Flex Advantage card. Use the "2024 PPO Flex Advantage" link to learn more about this embedded dental benefit.

2024 PPO Flex Advantage

Medicare Supplement Dental Option

Our Tufts Medicare Supplement members may select to add dental coverage to their plan. Use the links below to review what the additional dental plan covers and how to use it.

2024 Med Supp Dental Option